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STATO INTOO was born from status. A person’s place in society. It also reflects our focus and dedication to the individual.
For over 32 years, we have been guided by the values that have made us the market leaders specialist consultant for the whole talent management and outplacement cycle in Brazil and abroad, from attracting and development of talent to supporting career transition and outplacement:



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We are driven by a genuine interest in our clients and the organizations we serve. We know how to listen and discuss our ideas openly. We talk to the individual, not to the position they hold. That is how we build solid and lasting relationships based on mutual trust.



A deep understanding of human capital and people, their aspirations, potential, limitations, and skills is what makes us the best in the market in what we do. We believe that the best result is that which respects the differences and desires of each individual, achieving excellence by treating each client as a unique individual.



We value honesty, clarity and respect in our relationship with all stakeholders. We are always transparent in our personal relationships. Our business units utilize globally-tested tools and methodology which support us in giving the best possible service to the people we help.



We are totally committed to searching for and achieving the best results for our clients, working hard to transform goals into concrete achievements. This drive for success is supported by our team’s profound knowledge and expertise and the consistency of our approach, validated by nearly three decades of experience. A crucial point for our successful delivery is the profound understanding of the different nuances in the expectations and needs of the individuals and organizations we serve..


The world of work has undergone profound changes in recent years. Long professional careers within the same company have given way to spending shorter periods in each organization,k transferring the responsibility of managing careers from the company to the individual. To survive in an increasingly competitive market, the individual must become the protagonist of his or her career.


This is the context which drives our mission to provide all the professionals we work with ample access to career content, regardless of level, anchoring our work on pillars that allow us to reach an ever-larger audience through the use of technology and social responsibility.


By opening up access to this content, we can impact and transform the lives of individuals, who until a few years ago did not have access to these conversations, tools and reflections, since career planning and outplacement programs used to be offered only to those in leadership positions.



São Paulo
R. Dr. Fernandes Coelho, 85 - 5º andar - Pinheiros
05423-040, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
(11) 3844-6060


Rua irmã Serafina, 863 – Centro 6° andar, Condomínio Sada Jorge
13015-201 - Campinas, SP, Brasil
(19) 2660-0019

Rio de Janeiro

Teófilo Otoni, 63, 4° andar
20090-080, Rio De Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
(21) 2285-2319
(21) 2225 4478

Belo Horizonte
Rua da Bahia, 1032, 7º, Centro
30160-011 - Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
(31) 2626-8226
Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 306, 14º andar
80010-130, Curitiba, PR, Brasil
(41) 2626-1503
R. Princesa Isabel, 238, Sala 113
89201-270, Joinville, SC, Brasil
(47) 3461-3143

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